Disposable Medical Nebulizer Jar

Disposable Medical Nebulizer Jar

Disposable Medical Nebulizer Jar


Under the condition of gas flow; 7L/MIN, atomizing volume is a 280mg(mb/min), in every 280mg.

The percentage of particulate with a diameter less than 5um is more than 70%

Volume Gas Flow (mg/min) Tor (mg/min) φ<5um(%)
6 cc 7 280 70%

Product name Disposable Nebulizer Jar
Material Medical Grade PVC
Color Transparent or light green
Certificate CE, ISO13485
Application Clinic, Hospital
Size 6cc, 10cc

We are a professional medical disposable manufacture and trading company and have been doing this business for over twenty years. With years of expansion, the company owns several factories in Guangzhou, Wuhan, Xiamen, etc, and one office located in Hangzhou. The company and its products are well certified with ISO 13485, CE 0120, and China GMP with our own sterilization facilities.

To purchase, please send mail to: contacts@xinruimedical.com, or call us at +86 571 56095580, or submit your message below. We will reply you at our earliest!


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